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Listen to Reason! There is no one leader of The Noocratian Party, however there is and are Chiefs and Matriarchs and the Chief is Noble: Gen, LS, NPS Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH 360° / 720° Of course the Co-Writer and reviser of this New Ethiopian Order (Novus Codex) Book of knowledge is a Chief of the Natural Organization titled “The Noocratian Party” and this Writer is a leader in so far as the general direction this Natural Organization will take concerning Certain matters. The Noocratian Party is not a “terrorist” organization or Hate group, but rather a Political Movement for World Peace by sharing knowledge, which is correct information. The Noocratian Party is not trying to forcefully change the world as we know it, but rather we are trying to inform those of the coming dangers and how to prepare for them mentally, physically, and spiritually in the most reasonable and practical ways possible. There is no changing the course of this planet for it is bound for destruction. However, Pitchnovas and other ethnic races who accept this positive science will have more than enough to survive for those that are of peace shall inherit the earth. Let it be remembered always and let it be known!

The Noocratic Party is not trying to forcefully change America as we know it, but rather we are trying to reform for the approaching dangers in the most reasonable and practical ways possible and implement them. There is no changing the course of this country & nation's government for it is bound for reform, so we provide the solution for its reformation. The Nous Project coming from the sacred word “Nun” the force of the chaotic waters also called the “Ethereal Waters”. It interesting to note that the symbol of the Zodiac sign for Aquarius is a water bearer symbol. The Age of Aquarius is symbolically the age of Nun. Similar to the Marrakesh process, the Venus Project, UBANTU and CREST 13, the Nous Project will specialize in affordable and sustainable living. Creating eco-center villages, cities, and communities. The Nous (Noone) Project will also provide advancements toward and in technology, transportation, financial, economic, and education. The Nous (Noone) Project will be at the forefront of our new social, political, and industrial revolution in our economy. Here are some of the things the Nous Project consists of:

1. The Global Interdependent School District- Education

2. The Holy See Global District – Housing

3. The World Open Market Exchange – Finance

4. The Global Blockchain Initiative – Technology

5. The Nibiru Reserve System – Economics

6. The World Treasury Reserve Fund – Environmental

7. The World Government – Law

8. The World Leader Convention – Politics

9. The World Temple – Social

World Currency White Paper 

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Ques: What is a Noocracy?

Ans: Noocracy

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Noocracy, or "aristocracy of the wise", as defined by Plato, is a social and political system that is "based on the priority of human mind", according to Vernadsky. The word itself is derived from Greek 'nous', Gen. 'noos' meaning 'mind', 'intellect', and 'kratos', 'authority', 'power'. One of the first attempts to implement such political system was perhaps Pythagoras' "city of the wise" that he planned to build in Italy together with his followers, the order of "mathematikoi". In modern history, similar concepts were introduced by Vernadsky, who did not use this term however, but the term "noosphere", and Franc. Noocracy is considered to be the future political system of the entire human race, to replace the democracy, "The authority of the crowd", as defined by Plato, and other forms of government. Now deeming us the Noocratian Party (The Real People Political Party) by this communication and announcement.

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