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World Chaplain


Negus H.I.M Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El


Chief: Noble: Gen, Liberator Solutionist, NPS Noboohu Oonoo-NoopooH 720° / 1440°

World Minister of the Omniversal Church


Ques: Who are you?


An: I am an ordained minister here to serve all. I, Hon. Larry Shelton comes with healing in my wings (Malachi 4:2) as for you who fear out of reverence the Most High. My name by birth is Larry Simon or Solomon Shelton, Jr. I realized at the age of 17, I was born a god but still a child of the Most High (Psalms 82:6) called by most God, Thehos, Allah, Elohim, Yahweh, and even Jah. In Hebrew, my name would be“Lewiy Simeon or Shelomoh Bar Bethuel”. In Arabic its “Levi Shimoon or Sulaymaan Bathallah” and “Levi” pronounced Laa-wee in Ashuric / Syriac Arabic meaning “Joining” and “Lewiy” pronounced Le-we in Hebrew (ibriy) Aramic means “Enjoining the law” and “Simeon” pronounced Sham-own in Hebrew (ibriy) / Aramic and Sham-Oon in Ashuric, Syriac / Arabic meaning “hearing” “Solomon” pronounced She-lomoh in Hebrew (ibriy) / Aramic and Sulaymaan in Ashuric, Syriac / Arabic meaning “peaceful one” “Bethuel” pronounced Be-Thoo-El in Hebrew (ibriy) / Aramic and Bath-Al-Laah meaning “House of the El (God)". I am a World Leader here to maintain peace throughout the global village. I propose as a goodwill ambassador of the Global Village to fund any indigenous peoples of peace Sustainable Development Goals and all genuine projects through our Holy Temple called the Nous Project registered as United Nations SDG Action No. 27655. The world's most suppressed project for the people by the people.. 



Ques: Now then, may I ask what are you? 


An: Yes, I am a sacrificial Lamb now an Ethiopian Lion (El) leading with the real messiah Atum-re to liberate our people, and along with Atun-re sitting the seat as the Real messiah known to many to be Jesus of 2000 years ago, who returned me "Arch Angel Uriel" in 2007 with the mission of liberating the children and the world. I am here to affirm and fulfill all the laws of the prophets, news bearers, and those sent like ordained “Aaferti Amunnubi Rooakhptah” with Nuwaubu to equalize us for the true way of life Noology! Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El” a Doctor of Theology, History, and comparative religious study as well as Semitic language and now called Noology meaning the science of understanding referred to as sound right reasoning. Also, I am a doctor here to cure the untruths with pure facts. 


















Listen to Reason! His Imperial Majesty “Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El” of the Royal Atlanian Family is a Minister of the Crown doctor of theology, history, and comparative religious study as well as Semitic language and now called "Noology" meaning the science of understanding or "sound right reasoning". Leaders and Rulers of the planet “Earth” be informed that they should welcome the announcement, communication, and coming of His Imperial Majesty “Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El”. The General Solutionist in his official capacity has inherited his talents to help our global society perfect, protect, and persistently evolve with our planet. Welcome to our global congreation and religious organization. 


As "The Negus"; Amharic: royal title in the Ethiopian Semitic languages. It denotes an exarch, such as the Bahri Negus (Lord of the Seas) of the Medri Bahri kingdom in pre-1890 Eritrea, and the Negus in pre-1974 Ethiopia. Negus is a noun derived from the Ethiopian Semitic root, meaning "to reign". The title has subsequently been used to translate the words "king" or "emperor" as “Malak” in the Biblical and other literary forms. In more recent times, it was used as an honorific title bestowed on governors of the most important provinces (kingdoms). The Negus is crowned as His Imperial Majesty of Aksum, Amexem, Kingdom of Atlan, and the Imperial Throne. He is the world's first professed "Noologist", this certified doctor is surely an expert using the powers of sound right reason, because to him and many alike expresses that mental liberation presupposes spiritual and physical Liberation. In his efforts, he has established a global project to save humanity and transition us forward in the new millennium.                                                                    Come Join Us At


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Noone Society Present the Nous Project By Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El

The Clear Vision Tablet (El Safuy Khazun Katub)By Dr. Lawiy Zodok

The New Ethiopian Order By Dr. Lawiy Zodok Shamu-El

World Chaplaincy Letter Bulletin to the World Leader

The Templist Scroll By Dr. Lawiy Zodok

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Holy See Global District Constitution

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Aksum, Amexem

Nu Univeristy, Texas

Karankawa, Taysa

Ph# 6784986096


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